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Gala Must
Gala Must is a small and medium size fruit, very crispy and aromatically sweet. It is a  red apple, sometimes covered with delicate greenish or yellow-green vertical stripes. It has crispy, creamy, yellow flesh. Gala is available from the end of September until March. It is a red sport of Royal Gala which is widely known in the Western European countries.

Sampion is a medium size fruit with smooth skin. The surface of Sampion is covered with red stripes on a yellow-green background. It becomes ripe in mid September and from CA is available until the end of March. Sampion is popular in the Central Europe due to its sweetness and attractive colour similar to Royal Gala.

It is a medium size or large fruit with a regular round shape and shiny red surface with delicate shades of green and yellow. The Idared has white, highly flavoured and crispy flesh. It is perfect for cooking-baking as well as for fresh eating. Idared is harvested in November and is available year-round. It is particularly popular apple in the eastern countries for its red colour and good storage quality.

This juicy, crispy and big size apple is sweet in flavor and excellent for fresh eating. It is famous because of the taste, which is described as honey sweet with a hint of tartness. Jonagold is available from October through May. Grójec has ideal climate conditions for Jonagold apples.

Jonagored is recognised as the best sport of Jonagold. It is an apple of big size, available from October till May. It is aromatic and juicy. Jonagored is highly valued  for its nice-looking, wide red blush and high resistance to transportation, similar to the whole Jonagold family.

Ligol has big or very big round fruit. The smooth and shiny skin is partly covered with a characteristic dark red flush - the intensity of which depends on weather conditions. It is highly crispy, juicy apple with an intensive aroma. Ligol apple is available from October till June. Ligol is known as the most tasty Polish variety.

Golden Delicious
This is a medium size fruit with peel colour from light-green to greenish-yellow, a bit rusty, partly covered with an orange-red, fuzzy-striped blush. It’s medium grainy, quite dense, medium juicy, sweet or a bit acidulous, aromatic and exceptionally tasty. This apple is available from October to the beginning of May.