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Asparagus has a long history of about 4500 years. It was discovered, that one of the egyptian walls, dating back to 2700 b.c, depicts different kinds of vegetables - asparagus was one of them.

Asparagus is described as a high price vegetable. It is caused by high labour-consumption and high cost of production. Asparagus is available in April, May and June. It is produced in the western parts of Poland, mainly in regions close to Germany – the main importer of polish asparagus. The surface of production covers about 1,8 thousand ha. Asparagus is rather poor in nutritive value, but it contains fibre which supports right digestion.

Availability: May - June
Size of sorting: according to the Client’s requirements
Packaging: 5kg carton  boxes, 10 x 0,5 kg bunch and 5 x 1 kg bunch