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The contemporary varieties of beetroot were grown for the first time in the 19-th and 20-th centuries. In Poland beetroots are planted with the use of conventional methods on more than 30 thousand ha. The volume of crops exceeds 352 thousand tons. Beetroot is placed after cabbage, carrot and onion as one of the most popular expotr product in Poland.

Apart from fresh consumption, beetroot can be used in industrial processing for lyophilisation, freezing, canning, production of juices and concentrates.

The edible parts of beetroot are roots and fresh leaves. Fresh leaves contain more proteines and mineral salts than roots, but roots are rich in proteines, saccharides, mineral salts, vitamines from B-group and vitamine C. Moreover beetroots have special nutritious value thanks to a substantial content of fibre that positively affects our digestion.


Availability: June - March
Size of sorting: 5-8 cm
Packed in 5-10 kg net bags