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It is said that broccoli derives from Cyprus. It was cultivated in ancient Greece and Rome and later popularised in other parts of Europe. In Poland it is still not as popular as cauliflower, but it is getting more and more appreciated.

Broccoli has abundant flower heads, which are surrounded by green leaves. It resembles cauliflower, but it is different in colour, which is green or purple, while cauliflower can have purple, yellow or white color. The colour of broccoli bepends on the metod of cultivation and storage. It is also easy to cultivate, because it is resistant to low temperatures.

It is a low calorie vegetable, because 100 g of broccoli contain only 27 kcal. Broccoli is a source of vitamin C, folic acids and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

Availability: July– December
Size of sorting: 500 g +
Packaging: 10 head carton box
Varieties: Iron Man, Monaco, Parthenon