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White and red cabbage have been known in Poland since the 15-th century. The first detailed crop descriptions of cabbage can be found in the literature of the 17-th century. Today the head cabbage belongs to the most popular and most important vegetables grown in Poland. The surface of production in Poland acounts for about 19% of the total production area (the total production area covers about 37 thousand ha).

Cabbage is a vegetable easy to grow. Wide possibilities of use, high nutritious values, easy processing and storage contribute to the extreme popularity of the head cabbage. It’s best to eat cabbage in the form of salads, boiled and as a sour product. Leaves are the only edible parts of this vegetable, which contain carbohydrates, vitamins C, B and aminoacids.


Availability: June - April
Size of sorting: 1-3 kg heads and 2-4 kg heads
Packed in net bags or boxes