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The production of cauliflower in Poland in the year 2009 exceeded 222 thousand tons. The production covers about 10.9 thousand ha. Poland is one of the leaders in the production of cauliflower, a vegetable perfect for cooking and eating raw, which is low in fat, high in fibre, vitamin C and folic acid.

Because of the growing demand for cauliflower on EU markets, Agro Alians supported the formation of a cauliflower growers cooperative. Our products are grown in the eastern part of Poland in perfect soil and climate conditions, on an area of about 150 ha. Annual production exceeds 4 million heads.

We focus on the production of cauliflower of perfect quality, which meet all requirements of our clients and is GlobalGAP certified. Our products are delivered to service providers, wholesalers and supermarkets all over Europe. Our business partners appreciate the perfect quality of our produce and fast, regular deliveries.


Availability: June – November
Packaging: carton or wooden boxes, 6-8 heads
Varieties: Brus, Lecanu, Amerigo, Korlano, Cadillac