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Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage is widely known in Poland, but not grown on big scale. It is believed to be rather a vegetable of allotment owners. In the recent years the chinese cabbage has been attracting more attention both of consumers and vegetable producers. Now it is grown on about 3000 ha. Thanks to field growing, undercover plantations and suitable storage, we can offer fresh chinese cabbage all year round. Autumn is the best time for production of chinese cabbage in Poland, because of the weather conditions appropriate for production. It results in the high quality of out crops. The production of chinese cabbage requires experience and proper fertilization.

Chinese cabbage is highly nutritive and tasty, because of high contents of proteins, saccharides, carothene, vitamine C, calcium, phosphorus and iron.


Availability: all year round
Size of sorting: 0,8 - 1,5 kg
Packaging: 10 kg carton box