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Eggplant is sometimes called aubergine (derives from French). Some people call it brinjal, or a Pear of Love.

In Poland eggplant had been known since the 15-th century, but it became popular in the 19-th century. Eggplants are round or oval vegetables – similar to a large pear. A healthy aggplant has smooth, shining skin. The bigger the eggplant, the more ripe it is.

Eggplant is a low-calory vegetable, because the 100 gram vegetable contains only about 17 calories. It is rich in beta-carothene, vitamines B1, B2, B3, C and mineral components: cuprum, iron and magnesium. Thanks to the content of potassium, eggplant helps to removes toxins from the human body.


Availability: June-August
Size of sorting: 300-500 grams
Packed in 5 or 8 kg carton boxes