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Mission and strategy

Agro Alians was established in 2005 with the aim to strengthen sales of Polish fresh food on EU markets. At the beginning we concentrated on exporting apples, tomatoes and pepper, but we also saw challenge in promoting other Polish fruits and vegetables. This decision was followed by building cooperation with retail chains in western Europe and on eastern markets. Our company is also active on the industrial market, delivering fresh products for further processing.

The operations of Agro Alians are based on strong relations with our growers network. Only country’s leading fresh food producers are involved. Agro Alians is a single point of contact for international clients providing them with professional service and advice. Our company provides unified logistics and a customer service platform to cooperate with retail chains and wholesale distributors and provide them with fruits and vegetables of fine quality at a fair price. It results in strengthening trading relations with major retail chains within the EU and with our partners in Russia and Ukraine.

„After long hesitation about supplies from Poland, since it was ‘terra incognita’ for the majority of EU retail chains, now those people buy our products, because they trust us. They appreciate the delicious taste, smell and appearance of our quality products, and the possibility to have a partner who organizes everything here in Poland.”