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The production of pepper in the year 2007 reached 75 thousand tons. The surface of production of pepper in Poland covers 2000 ha. The most fertile regions of production are concentrated in the central  and southern part of Poland.

The most popular product – red pepper, covers 90% of production. Yellow, orange and white pepper are also popular products on many markets. Because the market is mainly interested in the block type of pepper, most of the production prepared for direct consumption is cultivated in the “block A” fruit.

About 50% of pepper produced in Poland is sold on the industrial market, 20% of production is sold by individual farmers on local markets, and the 30% is carefully selected for export. We constantly improve deliveries of pepper to our foreign partners. Agro Alians can guarantee fine quality, natural taste and stable deliveries of pepper produced in Poland.


Availability: August – October
Size of sorting: 5 or 8 kg carton box or three-color ‘traffic lights’ flowpack
Additionally white pepper (Ukrainian-type), available from June to September