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Plum is a popular fruit grown in Poland both in industrial orchards and in private allotments. The annual production of plum in Poland exceeds 100 000 tons. Plums are perfect for direct consumption as a fresh fruit, but are also used for processing industry: freezing and drying. They are perfect for meat dishes, cakes, cold meats and salads.

Plums contain vitamin A, B, C and H (biotine). It is the best initiator of carbohydrate exchange, which has positive influence on our nervous system, mental state, mood and improves the efficiency of the human body.


Availability: August - September
Packaging: 500 g and 1 kg punnets or in 5-6 kg/10-11 kg carton cases
Varieties: Amers, Bluefre, Elena, Herman, Cacanska Lepotica, Empress, President, Wegierka.