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The production of tomatoes in Poland is concentrated in the southern and eastern part of Poland. Annual production exceeds 445 thousand tons. Standard round and beef tomatoes cover the vast majority of Polish tomato production. Standard round, 57-67 caliber tomatoes are the most popular export produce, appreciated by our partners for perfect quality and taste.

Because the natural taste and look of our healthy tomatoes is of great importance in the increasingly competitive market, we make sure to meet the requirements of our clients. Our products are sold only under the EU Class 1. The highest quality of our tomatoes is guaranteed by EurepGAP certification, Integrated System of Production and traceability system. We also use modern methods of production such as biological protection of cultivation, computer controlled climate, drop irrigation, nutrient medium dosage and natural pollination of tomatoes by humble-bees.


Availability: April - November
Size of sorting: 45-57, 57-67, 67-82, 83-102
Packed in 6 kg carton box loose or in flowpack