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The production of zucchini started in South America and western parts of India, but it quickly became popular in Europe and the USA. It is also called courgette. Zuccihini is rather poor in nutritive value, but it is appreciated for it’s delicious, delicate taste.
The fruits of 10-15 cm length are used as an industrial vegetable, but the 25 cm long zucchini with the soft pulp and shiny skin is best to eat.

Zucciny is an easy-digestive, low calorie vegetable, so the consumption of it  supports the rihgt digestion. Zucchini contains carbohydrates, protein, phosphorus, iron, provitamine A and vitamine C. It is widely used in cooking, frying, boiling, and served grilled. It is an important part of everyday diet in the Mediterranean countries.

Availability: June – September
Size of sorting: 18-22, 24-27 cm long
Packaging: 5kg carton  boxes