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About Poland

Poland is one of the leaders in production of fruits and vegetables in the European Union. Agricultural land covers 18.3 million ha, which accounts for 58.7 % of the total area of the country. Poland has many prosperous regions with fertile soil and good climate conditions. As a result, Polish fruit and vegetables are perceived as healthy products of high quality, cultivated with the use of natural methods of production and low usage of pesticides.

Apple production in Poland in the year 2009 exceeded 2.6 million tons. The crops of all fruits produced in Poland reached nearly 3.6 million tons. In the year 2008 the apple crops reached 3 million tons, and the total production of fruits exceeded 4 million tons.

The production of vegetables in the year 2007 exceeded 5.5 million tons and increased by 5.7% compared to the year 2008. The biggest increase in production of vegetables was visible in the harvest of onion (by 11%), cabbage (7%) and cauliflower (6%). This increase in production was due to favourable weather conditions.

According to the latest estimations, the surface of production of vegetables cultivated under cover in the year 2007 was 3525 ha. Compared to the year 2006 the harvest of this produce increased by 1.5% and reached 725 thousand tons.

In the year 2007 the volumes of export of fresh vegetables increased by 35% to at least 480 thousand tons. Beetroot, cabbage, carrot, onion, pepper and tomato are becoming more popular export products.